Who We Are

At The Marketing Advantage (“TMA”), we pride ourselves in solving complex marketing and sales problems that biopharma companies are facing. How can we increase sales with a down-sized sales force?  How do we set goals when there is little or no competitive data available?  What type of formulary discount would give us the most return?  How can we slow the decline of an LOE brand?

We help biopharma companies answer questions such as these with data and powerful analytics.  To us, data is more than just numbers.  It tells us a story.   It is filled with exposition as we delve into a physician’s prescribing history, conflict as we see that we are beginning to lose this prescriber’s sales, and the climax as we learn that those sales are being stolen by our primary competitor even though we both have favorable formulary status. But what about the resolution—the final element of the quintessential story?  

That’s where we come in.  It’s always been important to us to see a story through to its conclusion.  We use advanced analytics, sophisticated modeling, and inspiring creativity to read between the lines of the story the data tells us.  This combination, paired with our biopharma-exclusive systems, enables us to reach a conclusion that provides our clients with tactical and strategic direction so that they can make informed decisions. Remember that prescriber with whom we were losing sales to our primary competitor?  We learned what drives her prescribing behavior and were able to convert her back to our product.  But it didn’t just stop there.  We located prescribers who shared similar characteristics with her and utilized our learnings with them as well, resulting in numerous new prescribers switching to our product.

Some stories always have a happy ending.  Let us help you write yours.


The Marketing Advantage ("TMA") was founded in November 1985 by Dr. John W. Keon, Ph.D. when he was approached by a data company who wanted to license a knowledge-based model he had developed. 

In founding TMA, Dr. Keon, who received a dual Ph.D. in Marketing and Operations Research from the Wharton School and was a professor of Marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business prior to founding the company, strived to bring together a team of marketing and sales professionals, sophisticated marketing modelers, and computer experts with the purpose of providing superior solutions through the integration of rigorous marketing science modeling with sales and marketing knowledge. 

Though initially working for packaged goods companies as well as pharmaceutical companies, TMA dedicated itself exclusively to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries in 1991. This exclusivity means that we're very sensitive to and aware of the unique needs and challenges that pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies are facing, an understanding and awareness that is critical given the dramatic changes in the healthcare landscape over recent years and its increasing volatility and uncertainty.