Drive sales with tactical and
actionable direction through:

Reporting & Monitoring

Reporting & Monitoring

Modeling & Predictive Analytics

Modeling & Predictive Analytics

Quality Control



REporting & monitoring

We can provide a wide assortment of reports and dashboards for field representatives and management of all levels that provide insight to assist them in strategic decision making.  Different audiences require different metrics and KPIs, and we create reports and dashboards customized to each audience that give them exactly what they need when they need it—from monthly performance scorecards for field representatives to call productivity for sales leadership to budget tracking for finance.

TMA offers a wide assortment of weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to the field such as:

  • Payout Guide and Baseline Report
  • Monthly Performance Scorecard
  • Weekly Estimated Earnings Report
  • Quarterly Earnings Report
  • President’s Club and Ranking Reports
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Productivity Reports
  • Budge Tracking & Forecasting Reports
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Our reports and dashboards are flexibly designed; they easily leverage visual and analytic tools already in use, minimizing costs and allowing us to focus on effective content for each user.

modeling & predictive anaLYtics

Our reports are designed to be meaningful and intuitive so that sales representatives and management spend less time interpreting reports and more time focusing on their strategies.  Our reporting capabilities go far beyond simply presenting performance status—anyone can design reports that utilize tables and graphs to explain how well a territory manager has done and how much sales incentive bonus he or she has earned. Instead, we create actionable reports that provide powerful insights and direction to the sales force on how to improve performance, which not only motivates the sales force, but also gives our clients a tactical advantage.  In order to do so, we incorporate sophisticated models and predictive analytics into our designs. 

Our extensive library of models continually grows as the life-science industry landscape changes.

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Quality Control

We have the highest standards of excellence when it comes to the quality of our reports and dashboards and follow a rigorous QA/QC process not just at the output-level, but the input-level as well.  This QA/QC process at both levels ensures that the reports and dashboards—and the data from which they are generated—are as error-free as possible.

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In order to catch errors before they make it into reports and dashboards, all input data—sales data, rosters, hierarchies, etc.—undergoes a QA/QC process.  Specifically in regard to sales data, our Rx Quality Control® (RxQC®) system utilizes four different data tests to detect the existence of data anomalies in data furnished by data vendors.  If the system finds data anomalies, it does not immediately conclude that they are errors and instead looks for patterns in the identified anomalies to determine whether the patterns are normal data variations that can be explained in terms of possible market consequences.